Best Treatment For Dark Upper Lip

Published: 16th April 2010
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Do you have dark upper lip skin or dark shadowy area on the upper part of your lips?They look very unattractive. These marks sometimes spread to other parts of the body. But these are most common on upper lip area, forehead and both sides of the cheek. This is really a harmless skin condition known as melasma. But these pigmentation marks cause a lot of stress as they are of much cosmetic concern. This skin condition is very common in middle aged women of darker skin. But men are also susceptible to this problem. But how to fade these pigmentation marks?

Different Options For Treating Dark Upper Lip

You should remember that it is very difficult to completely remove these marks and it requires prolonged period of treatment and medication. In fact cosmetic companies are shelling out many products that promise to remove these marks overnight. If you use them regularly you do get some beneficial result. But successful treatment of dark upper lip is not that easy. Once you stop using these products, the marks return again. So what is the solution?

Reasons For Dark Upper Lip

Actually the solution lies at the cause. You need to find out what caused darkening of the skin on the upper part of your lip and caused facial pigmentation. This skin problem arises due to many factors. The most common are given below.

* Over exposure to the sun.

* Reaction to some cosmetics.

* Allergic reaction to certain medicines like antibiotics or anti depressants.

* Hormonal imbalance due to use of birth control pills or pregnancy.

* Excessive use of the tanning booth has the same effect as over exposure to the sun.

* Improper threading or waxing of upper lip.

Effective Treatment for Dark Upper Lip

So how do you treat this problem now that you know the reasons?

* Protect yourself from sun by using good quality sun screen lotion.

* Change or discontinue use of the cosmetic you are allergic to

* If the medicine you are taking is causing pigmentation ask your doctor for a change of prescription or simply wait till the prescribed period is over.

* Avoid tanning booth and being out in the sun.

* Stop waxing or threading upper lip till the darkness fades and your skin is normal.

Home Remedy For Treatment of Dark Upper Lip

Now comes the actual treatment part. In can be a two way treatment procedure. You need regular exfoliation to remove damaged and darkened skin. You need to use skin whitening product or creams to whiten the skin and help fade the pigmentation.There is one natural ingredient that works miracles for dark upper lip and melasma. In fact it is very effective in treating all kinds of skin pigmentation. Take one teaspoon of fresh cream, a pinch of turmeric powder and few drops of lemon juice. Make a paste. Apply it evenly on the affected area. Let this mask stay on your skin for half an hour. Splash cold water on to clean your face. Do this everyday for at least a fortnight and you will be amazed with result.

In fact the best treatment for this skin condition and all kinds of facial pigmentation is by the use of natural herbs, certain medicinal plant extracts and some very effective vegetables that do wonders for your skin pigmentation treatment. You do not believe me? Check out this article which tells you of tons of products for effective treatment of Dark Upper Lip and all kinds of facial pigmentation.

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