Best Melasma Treatment Tips

Published: 25th May 2010
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Facial pigmentation due to melasma can be due to many factors. It can be due to hormonal imbalance. If you are taking birth control pills or going through pregnancy, there is bound to be hormonal imbalance in your body which may trigger melasma and skin pigmentation. So normally your skin should clear after delivery or if you discontinue the use of birth control pills. But actually what happens is the skin continues to have those skin blemishes as residual sign of melasma condition. If this is so you need to find a course of treatment that works. So we come to the question what is the best melasma treatment?

Different Treatment Options for Melasma

There are many options available to you. Some are cosmetics while some are prescribed medicines. Yet there are some over the counter skin bleaching products that help substantially. Chemical peels, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion are some other alternatives which must be done under the supervision of a dermatologist. These are though a bit expensive and may require several visits to your dermatologist, they give quicker result.

Natural Ingredients for Treatment Of Melasma

There are some natural ways of treatment which are considered best melasma treatment by many. The reason is the natural methods are free from any side effect and permanent in nature. These treatments are also cheaper. They can easily be implemented in the privacy of your own home. Now let us have look at different ingredients that are used in natural treatment of melasma.

1.Turmeric is one of them. Just mix a pinch of turmeric powder with fresh cream and apply it as a face mask.
2. Lemon juice with honey can be applied to face. When done regularly this treatment works wonders for melasma pigmentation removal.
3. Another natural ingredient is orange juice. Natural orange juice is great for topical application. Let it stay on the affected skin for 10- 15 minutes and splash clod water to clean up.

In fact there are many such natural fruits, herbs and essential oil that remove melasma pigmentation marks. Just check out this report on tips for best melasma treatment naturally . Your radiant face is only a few clicks away. Your radiant face is only a few clicks away.

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